August Sunburn Hot !!! Newsletter

Here at Aamcomp Computers we have Been Busy getting Oklahoma City businesses up-to-date with their technology needs. Business is good and we are marching through this Summer,s sweltering Okie heat with great success. Technology is our Bread and Butter, we are here for OKC businesses, you can drop your laptops & desktops off and we can fix any problems you may have with your machines. We can save businesses 30-40% on Toner Cartridges Prices, so much that your boss may give you a raise. 

P.S.  Owe and don’t forget we recycle all Toner cartridges, you can drop them off at our office or we will come to you and pick them up.                                                                 P.S. Go OKC Redhawks !!

This is a Stay Cool Safety Guide “Click Here


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